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Security code description

Vote demand knowledge

●SUNNYLOVE Rakuharu Science and Technology Government Legal Registration Company

●Each handwritten edition of the city council legal establishment ticket, regular coin donation

●The combined import of demand, the revision of the current situation, and the simultaneous import

●If you are also interested in receiving the machine, please buy it or criticize it!

Product security

●Traveling records, motion video equipment, all six months of preservation (Nyoarihara factory preservation period rules)

●Electrical products owned by the auction house, all owned by three months


Preservation range

●Since the date of warranty, the product has no warranty, and the warranty has been verified.

●During the warranty period, non-human-caused failures may be returned to us for repair.

●Transportation cost, one item purchased per month, delivery cost due to demand, delivery due to shipping, excess one piece per month, transportation fee for demand delivery, amount of 60 yuan

●External force damage / improper operation / abnormal storage environment, lead product failure situation, no one is inside the preservation range

●Product security due to product main body (main engine), absence of related equipment, security inside scope

Exit currency / Exit (Taiwan)

*Protecting Shuangfang Yi,Product availability any problemNecessary provision of “Kenbako complete video footage”It's a different direction.

SUNNYLOVE Rakusei Science and Technology offer the most convenient delivery method, easy to purchase products, as well as happy products, opportunities to share with other authors, and our products are delivered to you.TopThe beginning of the seven days of appreciation period (non-trial period, appreciation period included). During the period of your stay, the product has not been delivered, used, caused by non-human defects, caused damage, malfunction or other factors, is not normal and under various circumstances, SUNNYLOVE Recreation Science and Technology has received your order, and you have returned to the place of exchange.

◆ Personal plasters, sanitary bath supplies: personal hygiene related to personal hygiene, product packaging, SUNNYLOVE entertainment, technology lawless reception and withdrawal.

◆Electrical products: any electricity (alternating current) products, non-artificial defects, non-artificial defects, refunds/exchanges after use, possible different products, situation recovery and renovation costs.

◆Other products may not be eligible for exchange without special notes.


Special notes

◆Request for product recovery, completeness of the product at the time of delivery (including but not limited to the product body, delivery, warranty, written statement, original factory packaging bag, gift, sticker) and the original packaging box/ In the bag, if there are any omissions or omissions, the goods will be dismantled or damaged.

◆ A part of the product in the box/bag at the product factory, lost during withdrawal, damage or completion, impact on the withdrawal, damage caused by the exchange, and necessary expenses for recovery during withdrawal.

◆Currency conversion: When the currency is exchanged and the money is sent, the owner of the place is the owner of the place where the money is being sent, the revised materials, the land site, etc. have no effect on transportation costs, and the expenses other than the agreed amount are the responsibility of the owner.

◆Terms of resignation: SUNNYLOVE Rakuharu Science and Technology has retired / exchanged products, after any defective situation, the core of the meeting is to be corrected, the contents of the book are accurate, and the contract is 7-21 Notice of resignation from the meeting Enrollment book. If you choose to add a credit card, SUNNYLOVE Rakuharu Technology 將Direct Connection 您's 發card bank proceeded to be withdrawn, the amount of the reprint is confirmed during the first period of credit card opening, or you can send an electronic card bank; Correction, SUNNYLOVE Rakusei Science and Technology's bank account information provided by the bank, direct payment of the terms and conditions. Large parcels and other special items, withdrawal/conversion of currency, and transportation fees for large parcels and other special items.

Edited shipping instructions

Shipping time

Current currency products: 1 day's worth of currency, 1 day's worth of money, 1 day's worth of money, 1 day of employment, national holidays, 1 day of government proclamation, etc. will be extended. Deposit-purchased products: As shown on the product page, the deposit date and delivery date are based on the standard, and the general purchase date is 20 pieces.


Logistics transportation time

Super-commercial currency: After the goods are donated, the meeting will be delivered within 2-5 days, the product will be delivered to the designated super-commercial time, the meeting will be immediately notified, and please note that the purchase will be filled with photographic equipment.

Postal delivery: 1~2 days after the item is delivered to the designated location, this deposit is limited to non-distant areas, not applicable to remote areas.

Delivery by courier: After the goods are delivered, the delivery location will be designated by the remote association, and the number of parcels will be limited to non-distant areas, not applicable to remote areas.

Due to the above, force majeure factors such as the number of forecasts, the continued arrival of young people, special festive activities, the anniversary of the government's proclamation, and the postponement of logistics events.

*Definition of remote areas, owners of other logistics companies.


Pay attention

When requesting personnel, please be sure to fill out accurate photographs. Due to errors in receiving information, when sending illegally, it may result in biofluid related costs.

After the goods have been delivered, we will notify you within 7 days of the delivery date, and if you have not received the goods, we will inform you whether or not you have received the photograph at the time of purchase.

In order to guarantee that he will receive this benefit, the request must be made to open the box, and if there are any errors in shipping the cargo and any related issues, the request must be provided to open the box.

When sending a selection post to a post office, mailing a mail to a branch office, etc., the invitation is received within 14 days.

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